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Forensic Social Sciences

Social science is devoted to the study of societies and relationships among individuals within societies, it now encompasses a wide array of academic disciplines,including anthropology, archaeology, economics, human geography, linguistics, management science, communication science and political science.Positivist social scientists use methods resembling those of the natural sciences as tools for understanding society, and so define science in its stricter modern sense. Interpretivist social scientists, by contrast, may use social critique or symbolic interpretation rather than constructing empirically falsifiable theories, and thus treat science in its broader sense. In modern academic practice, researchers are often eclectic, using multiple methodologies for instance, by combining both quantitative and qualitative research.

Forensic Psychology

A forensic psychology involves the application of all psychological areas of research to the legal field. The application of clinical specialties to legal institutions and people who come into contact with the law. Forensic Psychologists include all sub fields of psychology are social, clinical, experimental, counselling, neuropsychology that apply the scientific, technical, specialized knowledge of psychology to the law.

Polygraph Examination

It is also called Lie-detection Examination, a polygraph is a device or procedure that measures and records several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while a person is asked and answers a series of questions. The belief underpinning the use of the polygraph is that deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that can be differentiated from those associated with non-deceptive answers from those who are lying or from those who are telling the truth.

Forensic Awareness Programs

We organised the forensic awareness training programs in the various school, colleges and institutes. Also, laboratory arranges lectures and practical demonstration in forensic science to the trainees of Training Institute, and Officers Trainees, Police academy, law students etc. We provide Training to various Bank, Insurance, Security Personnel for creating and modernizing forensic science facilities and preventive frauds.Also, we provide training in specialized areas of forensic science for updating the expertise of serving forensic scientists and training to in-service forensic scientists, security personnel, defence personnel, police personnel and judicial people..

Director’s Message

The aim of the organization is to meet challenges and provide high quality, on time and credible forensic services to fulfil the need of forensic services of the nation to help injustice
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