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Forensic Engineering Sciences

Forensic Engineering is the process of investigating and collecting data related to the materials, products, structures or components that failed. This involves inspections, collecting evidence, measurements, developing models, obtaining exemplar products, and performing experiments. Often, testing and measurements are conducted in an independent testing laboratory. The consequences of failure may give rise to action under either criminal or civil law including but not limited to health and safety legislation, the laws of contract and product liability and the laws of tort. The field also deals with retracing processes and procedures leading to accidents in operation of vehicles or machinery. Generally, the purpose of a forensic engineering investigation is to locate cause or causes of failure with a view to improve performance or life of a component, or to assist a court in determining the facts of an accident.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

It is a method of identifying the root causes of faults or problems. It is widely used in IT operations, manufacturing, telecommunications, industrial process control and accident analysis. Root cause analysis is a form of deductive inference since it requires an understanding of the underlying causal mechanisms of the potential root causes and the problems.The Forensic Experts work accordance with standard codes of forensic practice.

Fire Forensic Examination

Fire Forensic is the analysis of fire-related incidents to find out the origin and cause of the fire by using the various forensic science principles. Investigations of such incidents require a systematic approach where we conduct the major fire events relates to oil and gas, marine, property, cargo and hull, warehouses, motor fire, engineering industry, machinery and large structural fire where our fire experts investigate and conduct the various scientific tests.

Electrical Testing

The laboratory testing of the electrical exhibits like MCB's, wires, connections, switches, devices is one of the most important hypothesis tests that can be performed in an investigation, especially when there is a hypothesis that the fire was originated due to electrical short circuit.

Third Party Inspection

The manufacturing Industries are most vulnerable sector which is exposed to the risk of Quality and Frauds. We have certified Quality Auditor, Inspectors, Surveyors and Forensic expert team include chemical, mechanical, electrical, automobile, electronic, structural and forensic engineer to solve the quality & quantity problem of industries in-process Inspection, in Statutory Inspection, in Material Testing and NDT and Product Certification.

Third Party Quality Testing

We provide the forensic quality testing services to the industries include Analysis of material classes of financial transactions, Analysis of various systems logs, Analysis of billing data of vendors and sales invoices of customers, Forensic imaging of electronic devices for analysis to find evidence, Identifying unusual relationship in non-financial data, Security testing of IT infrastructure.

Equipment Preventive Forensic

We provide the industrial and equipment preventive forensic services to the manufacturing industries where we discover system logs and unauthorized access to secured areas, Fraud vulnerability diagnostic that involves identification of fraud risks, also Provide anti-fraud control system, risk mitigation plans, Fraud risk assessment, Background check of key personal and Business partner, vendor, supplier, contractor, third party and fraud awareness trainings to prevent even and uneven incidences.

Fire Preventive Forensic

Fire preventive forensic works prior to supposed. where expert concentrate on the probable suspects and use scientific test, psychological methods, big data analytics to extract all possible information and compare to the global event data for hypothesis test. Fire preventive forensic engineering involves various testing and training. our fire preventive training is useful to detect and prevent large fire incidences. Also, we conduct the Fire preventive programs for the various industries by our highly experienced, qualified, pragmatic trainer.

Accident Preventive Forensic

Accident preventive forensic works prior to supposed accidents. where expert concentrate on the probable suspects and use scientific test, psychological methods, big data analytics to extract all possible information and compare to the global event data for hypothesis test. Accident preventive forensic involves various testing and training. We help to develop the Accident preventive techniques and products

Director’s Message

The aim of the organization is to meet challenges and provide high quality, on time and credible forensic services to fulfil the need of forensic services of the nation to help in justice.
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