Manufacturing Industries

Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

The manufacturing Industries are most vulnerable sector which is exposed to the risk of Quality and Fraud. We have certified Quality Inspectors, Surveyors and Forensic expert team include mechanical, electrical, automobile, electronic, structural and forensic engineer to solve the quality & quantity  fraud problem of manufacturing industries in-process Inspection, in Statutory Inspection,in Material Testing and NDT and Product Certification.


Quality Testing

We provide the following forensic testing services to the manufacturing industries. 1) Analysis of material classes of financial transactions. 2)Analysis of various systems logs. 3)Analysis of billing data of vendors and sales invoices of customers. 4)Forensic imaging of electronic devices for analysis to find evidence. 5)Identifying unusual relationship in non-financial data. 6)Security testing of IT infrastructure.


Preventive Forensic

We provide the following preventive forensic services to the manufacturing industries. 1)Discover system logs and unauthorized access to secured areas. 2)Fraud vulnerability diagnostic that involves identification of fraud risks in key business process. 3)Provide anti-fraud control system and risk mitigation plans. 4)Fraud risk assessment. 5)Background check of key personal and Business partner, vendor, supplier, contractor, third party. 6)Provide fraud awareness training.