About Us

The Bombay Forensic Services organisation is India's independent  non-government forensic services organisation, provide assured quality forensic services of international standard to the non-government and government organisations and individuals with expert professional practices in order to conclude the effective remedial solution relates to forensic Laboratories and forensic investigation and assist in proper dispensation to help in justice. The Bombay Forensic Services  organisation analyse and examine the cases & exhibits and render expert opinion with the proper scientific explanation and substantiate opinion in the court of law and legal forum.

Our Story

The Bombay Forensic Services organisation is guided by leading dignitary from the field of Administration, Forensic Laboratories, Police, Indian Institute of Technology, Science Institutes and  Judiciary. We are the team of Forensic Scientist include clinical Doctors, Engineers and Science Scholars are together. The Bombay Forensic Services organisation established to fulfill the forensic need of the Industries include non-government and  government organisations. Bombay Forensic Services organisation today is the scientific comprehensive and innovative service provider in the industries with various forensic services. Our services spread in the various industries where we have equipped with standard laboratories and with a strong vision to be the leading forensic organisation in providing prompt and dependable services of international standard to justice system and our aim is to providing the good practices and standards.